Aditi's Story

I began working with organic herbs that we grew on our family farm in Iowa when I was twelve years old. The first time I inhaled the delicious aroma of calendula flowers infusing their healing properties into warm olive oil, I knew this was my passion. In the spring, I coaxed the delicious perfumes from lilac blossoms, honeysuckle, violets and rose petals. During summer, I’d pick dandelion, plantain, red clover, and comfrey, then set them beneath the brilliant Midwestern sunshine to dry. When fall was in the air, I would dig up echinacea root to make a medicinal tonic.

I developed my own formulas for a line of pure and natural skin care, Aditi Botanicals, incorporating herbs from our farm with the finest ingredients from around the world. All of my formulas are based on safe, natural, time-tested ingredients, researched by renowned herbalists, aroma therapists and cosmetic chemists. I have maintained the purity of my skin care products for over twenty years by seeking out the finest ingredients that are organically grown or wild-crafted. I also select ingredients that are GMO-free, eco-friendly, and fair-trade.

Aditi Marie