DIY Coconut Rose Massage Oil

Soften, nourish, and protect your skin this winter with our delicious coconut massage oil. Raw coconut oil absorbs into the skin and hair, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. We've chosen three of our favorite rose-inspired essential oils that are less expensive than pure rose essential oil, while still providing skin rejuvenating benefits.

Abhyanga, or self-massage, is an age-old technique for revitalizing the skin, improving circulation, and moving toxins out of the body. After bathing, apply a small amount of warmed oil to the body, starting with hands, gradually moving down the body to the feet. Always massage in motions towards the heart.

1/2 cup of gently warmed raw organic coconut oil (if your skin is very dry, substitute olive oil or almond oil)
5-10 drops essential oil of your choice: rose geranium, palmarosa, or rosewood essential oil

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