My love of herbology began when I started creating healing salves for my horses. Fellow horsewomen would slather my salve on their hands to make them soft after a long day working in the elements. They begged me for face cream and body lotion that would nourish their skin during the harsh Iowa winters.

My love of herbs grew into my business, Aditi Botanicals, when my friends raved about their dramatic results from the custom formulas I developed for them. They got relief from backaches and sore muscles with my pain-relieving Glacial Mist, soothed dry hands and cuticle cracks with My Favorite Salve, and revitalized their sun-exposed skin with Blue Camomile Winter Cream.

I am excited to share my twenty years of knowledge and experience in the field of natural skin care with others. In my blog we will explore DIY skin care recipes that anyone can make with the ingredients they already have in the kitchen. I’ll be highlighting the therapeutic plant-based ingredients that I incorporate into my line of skin care products to smooth wrinkles, repair sun damage, and clear up acne.

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what questions you may have about your skin care. Email your questions to aditi@aditibotanicals.com.

Aditi Marie


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